Places to Go (Vacation) - Enjoying the Cozy Beach Town Vibe of Cape Charles, VA


As I mentioned last week, we spent our fall break with some friends in Cape Charles, VA - my new favorite place. We loved the low-key feel and walkability of the town (including the wine store, which featured a full and varied cider selection). And swimming and beachcombing in October made the kids happy. Rental prices are reasonable, so if you're looking for a quick vacation, Virginia's eastern shore is your answer (and who doesn't love a 23 mile bridge/tunnel?).

Click here for info on Cape Charles. And here for a Washington Post travel article on more to do at the shore.



Things to Make - Easy Skull Necklaces

necklaces (8 of 8)


I'm posting today at Honest Of Nod about making easy skull necklaces for Halloween. If you have a chance, click on over here.


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Things to Do - Grateful List (September 2014)

(This month I'm actually IN the photos. yay!!)

* Reading What Ends
* Watching the Up series (I finally finished 56 and Up)
* Watching America Ninja Warrior and Project Runway after school with the kids
* Watching Punky Brewser (Youtube) and The Cosby Show, Season 1 (Hulu) with the kids
* Reading Big Breasts and Wide Hips: A Novel
* Watching Searching for Vivian Maier
* Watching Hateship Loveship
* Watching Blended (I really really liked this movie, with all of it's rom/com silliness)

* Udi's gluten free bread
* Ledo's gluten free pizza (no, we're not gluten free, just gluten light)
* Drinking apple-ahh-ritas (they're so bad they're good)
* Lunch at Mitsam with Julia
* Carry out from Taylor Gourmet (so so good, though NOT gluten free)

* The kids and their cousins checking out the boxes at the Smithsonian Natural History Museum's Q?rius exhibit (they could have spent hours in there)
* Silver Spring's Maker Faire with friends
* Muderella with friends

* My new Canon EOS 5D Mark III (full frame sensor!!)

* Family games of Catan Jr.
* Our grade school mascot
* 3 nights of drinks with friends (dinner with my blogging friends, neighborhood wine night, and our neighbors' annual back to school shindig)
* A new season as a soccer mom
* Free video streaming from ClickAway
* My new blond(ish) hair
* Freya making lunches for our whole family every morning (This. Is. Awesome.) she even asks her brother and sister what kind of fruits and snacks they want (plus she cuts the apples into little slices and adds lemon juice so nothing turns brown).
* Dan (sort of) letting me pick out clothes for him (FINALLY, it only took 9 years of marriage for him to make this step).
* A nice mechanic (I didn't know such people existed)
* Sewing class at G Street Fabric (I made a totebag!!)

VACATIONS (Girls' Weekend San Diego, CA)
* Hiking Torrey Pines State Park
* Extraordinary Desserts (even the salad was excellent)
* Therapie Day Spa
* Octoberfest at Coronado Hotel
* Feet in the ocean


F - school starting, an amazing teacher, soccer games, my family, a nice house to live in and food to eat

P - playdates with Laney, my teacher, taking the dog for walks, soccer practice, that we won our first game, my family

T - liking the 1st week of school, playdates, my new teacher, soccer, my family,


Things to Do - 12 in 12 (October 2014)

This month the 12th fell on the Sunday of a six day school holiday weekend. Originally we planned on camping in West Virginia with some friends, but the dismal weather forecast caused us to change our plans at the last minute. So we searched for reasonably priced short-stay rental properties and ended up on the Virginia side of the Eastern Shore, in Cape Charles, VA.

I'll post more on our mini-vacation next week, but in summary, we fell in love with this quaint little beach town.

12in12 (1 of 14)

9 am - Wake up to homemade pancakes and a room full of energetic grade schoolers.

12in12 (2 of 14)

10:30 am - Walk to the playground. Is there anything as cute as a toddler dressed as a Ninja Turtle?

12in12 (3 of 14)

11:00 am - A playground with a zipline = kid-heaven.

12in12 (4 of 14)

11:30 am - They're still playing.

12in12 (5 of 14)

noon - Drive to Kiptopeke State Park.

12in12 (6 of 14)

12:15 pm - The day becomes a little darker and colder. The kids all bundle up.

12in12 (7 of 14)

12:30 pm - Hiking Kiptopeke's trails and checking out the yurt (yes, you can rent a yurt there!)

12in12 (8 of 14)

1:00 pm - T is very proud of his feather collection.

12in12 (9 of 14)

1:15 pm - Yes they swam. In October. The water was warm, but the air was cold(ish).

12in12 (10 of 14)

4:00 pm - After lunch and downtime the kids start to become stir-crazy.

12in12 (11 of 14)

4:30 pm - So we returned to the playground for tire races.

12in12 (12 of 14)

6:45 pm - Sunset on the beach. The kids loved all the tidal pools.

12in12 (13 of 14)

8:30 pm - Some TV time before bed.

12in12 (14 of 14)

10:00 pm - Quirkle and cocktails for the adults. Yes, that's me drinking moscow mules out of a paper cup.

So I ended up with 14 photos instead of 12 (it's always so hard to choose), but rules don't apply to vacations, right? Don't forget to check out Not-So-SAHM to see how their days went.


Things to Do - This Untamed Life & The End of Summer (I know, I know, we're already knee deep in autumn)


This week for This Untamed Life we're posting lunchtime photos, which challenged me as now that all three kids attend grade school I don't have many recent mid-day photos. So I searched through my summer files and found these photos from the Building Musuem's maze, which (sadly) no longer exists. Did you visit the maze? The cost was somewhat steep, but we all enjoyed the experience of circling back in, over and over again.

Is it me or did the end of summer sort of become lost? Maybe because the cooler temps arrived early this year, but it seems like September escaped any real notice. And now when I see all the trees changing color I feel discombobulated, almost like jet lag after you step off the plane.

Regarding this summer, on the upside, for the first time ever, we managed to complete EVERY CATEGORY OF THE 2014 BUCKET LIST, granted, I made the categories pretty wide reaching, but still I feel accomplished. We learned that geocaching is HARD (despite navigating to three caches, we never managed to find a single one) and that nobody in our family likes Mama Mia (though we all enjoyed watching a movie under the stars). We also discovered that Potomac Overlook park makes for some wonderful kid-friendly hiking and that we all love a day trip to the beach.

Oh well, onto fall and soccer games and searching for the perfect costumes. And before you know it the kids will be begging for hot cocoa while I'll still be asking - but how have we gotten here so soon?

Now click on over to This Untamed Life to see how everyone else photographed lunchtime.


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